Self Play RBG Boost from Top Ranked WoW Players

Here is your chance to experience some of the highest level of PvP on World of Warcraft. Play your own character with 9 other pros as you dominate the competition and get rating that you never could on your own. Skip the LFG noob fest and join our professional team to climb up the ranks and get amazing end of season rewards.

No Account Sharing Required

While we do offer a service where we play for you, some customers just feel more comfortable and safer if they play their own toon. I will reiterate that this is absolutely the safest way to go about getting rating as you are guaranteed that your rating is not reset by blizzard.

Choose your Self Play RBG Carry


If you want to play for a specific set of hours with our team, simply use the dropdown menu to select the amount of hours, and then “add to cart.”

Rating Specific Boosts

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