WoW RBG Boost Service from the Highest Rated RBG Players

Are you struggling to climb the ranks of rated battleground on World of Warcraft? Let the professional players of Skilled Boost help by obtaining the rating for you! If you are interested in our pilot version, please look below. If you are interested in self play rbgs, then please click here.

Choose your RBG Boost

Please use the form below to pick your current and desired rating. Once you have done so, you will be displayed a price which you can add to your cart. You will then be taken to the check out form which you will need to fill out thoroughly.

Common RBG Carry Questions

What RBG Rating Do I need to Purchase the Elite Set?

Characters must have earned a rating of at least 2000 in either RBG or 3v3 Arena in order to purchase the elite PvP set. Keep in mind that elite gear does not have any stat bonuses, only aesthetics is changed to show you have achieved 2k rating in Rated Battlegrounds.

What Rating Required to Obtain an RBG Title at the end of the season?

The specific rating required will vary depending on the leaderboards for the specific season. Please use the following in order to do your calculations

  • Top 35% of the ladder will receive Soldier of the Alliance/Horde.
  • Top 10% of the ladder will receive Defender of the Alliance/Horde.
  • Top 3% will receive Guardian of the Alliance/Horde.
  • Top 0.5% will receive Hero of the Alliance/Horde.

As you can see, higher rating will get you the better titles, but will require most likely a very high rating.

Is this Safe?

Account safety is our utmost priority. We take extra care of your account so that your boost is not only discrete from other players, but also from blizzard. Nothing is ever done to harm your account.

Can I Play My Own Character?

This page is dedicated for the pilot version of the RBG carries. If you would like to play your own character with our rank 1 RBG team, then you must visit our dedicated page for that product.

How Does this Work?

This is the question we get asked quite often, and we will do our best to explain it. Essentially, the steps are very simple. Once you have chosen your desired and current rating above, simply follow the steps to check out. Once our team has received your order, we will email you to ask you your preferred contact method. We recommend that you download Skype or Discord to have instantaneous communication. If you prefer communicating via email, then that is perfectly fine, but keep in mind it may delay the completion of your order.

I have an Authenticator on my account, do I have to remove it?

We do our absolute best to accommodate authenticators. The most important thing is to be available to provide the the authentication code to allow our team member to log on. if you feel that it may be difficult for you to be available, then we do recommend to remove your authenticator until your order is complete. Keep in mind, account security is our #1 priority, so you shouldn’t worry that anything will happen to your account during this time. However, we do understand that some would rather leave their authenticator attached to their account; that is perfectly fine as long as we are able to get a hold of you.