WoW Arena Boost Service

We offer our World of Warcraft™ boosting services on all regions, EU, US, and Oceanic. We do our best to accommodate with your timezone. This means, if you are from Europe, we will assign a European booster to your order. Same applies for US and Oceanic orders. Your booster will be from your region to have the best communication and end result with your order.  Keep in mind, the products listed below are for pilots only. We also offer the self play arena boost if you are interested in that option instead.

2v2 Arena Boost

Do you need higher rating in 2 versus 2? Not a problem! Our team of pros can carry you to any rating. Simply choose your current and desired rating and place your order.

3v3 Arena Boost

Currently, the only way to get end of season titles is through 3v3. If you are looking for end of season titles, then you must have at least 2000 rating or higher. Please choose your current and desired rating below.

Weekly Arena Cap

If you are in need of capping out your weekly honor points to purchase your PvP gear, please see the options below.

Product Details

  • As our players raise your rating in your desired arena bracket, your character will earn artifact power as well as Champion’s Strong Box for each arena win.
  • No bots or win trading will ever take place on your account. Our arena boost is done through legitimate boosting methods. We will log on and play your account as if it were our own.

Purchase Requirements

  • While we are amazing players, we will be unable to get you your desired rating if you are freshly leveled with no gear. If you are unsure if your gear is good enough for a boost, please make sure you contact our support team so that we can give you the go-ahead that your character is eligible to purchase arena boosting.
  • It helps a lot if you have full honor talents, so please make sure that all a talents are unlocked and ready to go.
  • If you have multiple artifact weapons available, please specify which are available for us to use.

How Does this Work?

This is the question we get asked quite often, and we will do our best to explain it. Essentially, the steps are very simple. Once you have chosen your desired and current rating above, simply follow the steps to check out. Once our team has received your order, we will email you to ask you your preferred contact method. We recommend that you download Skype or Discord to have instantaneous communication. If you prefer communicating via email, then that is perfectly fine, but keep in mind it may delay the completion of your order.

I have an Authenticator on my account, do I have to remove it?

We do our absolute best to accommodate authenticators. The most important thing is to be available to provide the the authentication code to allow our team member to log on. if you feel that it may be difficult for you to be available, then we do recommend to remove your authenticator until your order is complete. Keep in mind, account security is our #1 priority, so you shouldn’t worry that anything will happen to your account during this time. However, we do understand that some would rather leave their authenticator attached to their account; that is perfectly fine as long as we are able to get a hold of you.

What Rating is Required to Obtain an Arena Title at the end of the season?

The specific rating required will vary depending on the leaderboards for the specific season. Please use the following in order to do your calculations:

Arena Rewards

There are several rewards that you can obtain through rating achievements. The most popular of the rewards is the ability to purchase the elite gear by earning 2000 rating in either 2v2 or 3v3. The following will get you specific rewards:

  • Boost to 2000 rating will unlock elite gear.
  • Boosting to 2200 rating will unlock the PvP tabard.
  • 2200 Rating will unlock the PvP cloak.
  • A boost to 2400 will unlock the special weapon enchant.
  • Anything higher than 2400 rating will most likely get you the Duelist title.
  • In most cases 2700 rating or higher will obtain the Gladiator title at the end of the season.
Finding the right group of players to pursue your PvP rank on WoW can be difficult. We have heard all of the stories of players spending hours upon hours in the LFG finder only to be stuck with other players who simply cannot hold their own weight. The boosting process is something that we truly feel passionate about because not only does it eliminate the headache from searching for players, but we truly love to help gamers become the best version of themselves. Arena boosting requires a delicate and precise process to make sure you get the optimal experience. That’s why our team is committed to offering unmatched speed so that you can receive your order not only safely (which is extremely important) but also quickly. We know there are hundreds of companies that offer boosts to the public, but what separates us apart is our ability to communicate with our customers and to always keep them up to date with their order.
  • Who players my character?
    • Our staff consists of former Rank 1 players that have achieved up to 3000 rating! This allows us to offer services to players even if their gear is not up to par to the current PvP season. Whats important, however, is to have the proper honor talents. We recommend to have at least 37 honor talents which gives us the best opportunity to boost your character.


I cannot thank the people of Skilled Boost enough. Quite simply, I just don’t have the time with MMOs as I used to. I still want to be up to date with my character so that I can compete in PvP. I’ve turned to these guys to help me out with all my WoW needs.