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Streaming (+15%)
Duo Queue (+60%)
Interested in playing with an OW pro? This option allows you to play your favorite heroes and learn how to dominate as well as gain rating.
If you do not play and try to sit on your rating, your rating will decay. We can ensure that we play your hero to make sure you sustain your rating throughout the season.
In order to place in the best division, winning your placement games allows you to do just that.
Absolutely! If you want to learn the ropes of the game and simply get better as we guide you through your mistakes and review your gameplay, then our coaching page can be found here.
There are plenty of reasons why Skilled Boost is your go-to merchant for helping you achieve what you want in your gaming life.
Keeping your order discrete and your account safe is our most important feat. We make sure that no one will ever know you purchased a boost and on top of that we ensure that all logins are through a VPN which masks our IP to a similar IP in your location.
The boosting industry is full of scammers, plain and simple. We are here to answer the call to provide gamers with the best outlet to purchase a service that allows them to enjoy the game without the headache of grinding hours and hours. On top of that, we understand that there are so many copy cats out there who claim they are the best and only provide sub-par customer service. When using Skilled Boost, customer service is held to the highest regard and we can bluntly say that we have the most skilled (no pun intended) team on earth to handle your orders.
When our team handles your order, you aren't just having a random no name take care of your account. We have the best of the best in their game that are ready to dominate so that your order is finished as quickly as possible.

Overwatch Boosting Services by
Top Ranked Players


Are you struggling to get anywhere on Overwatch? We understand! Overwatch is a team-based game, and if you’re constantly trying to get to a high skill rating by yourself, then it can be very hard. With our services, our team of pros can help you get where you need to be so that you aren’t playing with noobs every time you hop on the game.

An Overwatch carry will help you get to a higher rating bracket so that when you solo queue, you will play with players that are more talented. Say goodbye to all the headaches queuing with players who don’t know what they’re doing. Get your Overwatch Boost today from Skilled Boost.

What Type of Overwatch Boosts Do You Offer?

Our players are available for any type of boost that you would like.

Solo Queue

If you just simply want us to get the job done for you, then a solo queue boost is what you’re looking for. This will allow one of our Overwatch pros play your account for you and get you to the ranking you would like.

Duo Queue

This option is best for players who already have a great grasp for the game but simply keep running into terrible pick-up groups. With a duo-queue you can play your own account with our very own pros and dominate through each and every game.

Top 500

Getting a boost to top 500 is a feat only a few can accomplish. You earn some of the most prestigious rewards that is available on Overwatch. There is a 50 game minimum requirement that must be played in order to be considered to meet the top 500 rank.

Placement Games

Before each start of the season, there are placement games played to place you in a certain bracket. The more placement games you win, the higher you are placed. If you want to get a great kick start to the season, then a placement games boost is perfect for you.


An old school boosting method where we simply level your account from level 1 to level 25.

What Payment Methods are Accepted?

We accept PayPal and Skrill.


How soon will I be contacted after
I place my order?

One of our representatives will contact you via your preferred contact method. We always encourage customers to leave their Skype or Discord handle for the fastest method of communication. However, if you prefer being contacted through phone or email, that is fine as well.

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