Know more about who we are

Since 2006, we have had a passion of dominating online games. From MMO-RPGS to First Person Shooters, our team has continuously expanded to reach every platform imaginable. Our pros consistently perform and place highly at tournaments as well as online leader-boards. We thought it was time that we offer our talents to those who need some help.

Many people who play games today have full time jobs, a family, and want to maintain their health. Thus, their gaming time is limited and don’t have the time they used to put into the game. At the same time, their competitive nature within them is still there. They are left with a dilemma with being unable to compete at a high level due to time constraints.

That’s where the idea Skilled Boost came about. Instead of grinding your way through endless levels, our services allows gamers to speed up the process and put you in a competitive environment without having o endlessly grind. We allow gamers to play at a high level without the need of neglecting family, friends, or even their children.

What separates us apart from other boosting companies is our passion to providing a quality service and an affordable price. There are a lot of places you can order from, and I am sure they may tout their horn about how they are based in the US and only US based players will boost your account. Speaking from experience and initially working with some of these websites, the US gamers eventually were put aside as cheaper labor became available. I can guarantee that the majority of the websites who offer boosting services out there will outsource your order to someone overseas so that the website makes more money. With Skilled Boost, you’re getting boosters from YOUR region and support that truly cares and understand you when you ask questions. We’re a boosting company that’s owned by, you guessed it, boosters!

We know what gamers want, and we are here to answer the industry’s call to provide a service they love.